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Friday, January 21, 2011

Circles and Buttons Scarf

Love this scarf!!  Seriously thought about keeping it :-)  It is a kelly green scarf, short style  . . . almost like a neck warmer.  The ends have hand stitched cream yarn and it is fastened by two buttons, a brown leather button and a creamish colored button.  There are several circles made out of pink and cream yarn stitched into the scarf.

Lots'O Fun Toddler Headband

This fun headband is made from a kelly green base yarn and has blue, pink and yellow buttons atop a white pom pom, atop a green felt circle, atop a multicolored ruffle circle. . . fun fun!!

Infant Headband ~ 0-6 months

A pink headband base with grey and light blue flowers and a bright yellow button in the middle!!  Also has a small green leaf off to one side.

Frilly Scarf

This scarf was made out a camo-ish yarn (variety of greens) and completed with a pink (looks red in pic, I know) ruffle around the end of the scarf, by the neck, and three ruffles at the base of the scarf.  There is a longer pink ruffle, followed by a little shorter cream ruffle and an even shorter pink ruffle.  The button is awesome!  It is a retro, rather large, pearlescent button. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Misha!

This double yarn, double flower was made for my good friend Misha for her 30th birthday!  It was made from a cream yarn and a variety of buttons, bells and wooden balls in the center.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Small Barrettes ~ Multicolored

For these cute lil'barrettes I used a multicolored yarn for one with a simple cream button in the middle and the other barrette is made out of cream yarn with multicolored buttons in the middle. :-)  Very Fun!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Featuring Romalise ~ Absolutely Too Cute

Roma's toddler headband was made from a purple base.  Atop the purple headband sits a larger pink flower with a smaller green flower in the middle.  An opalescent button is in the center of the flowers and tied off with a grey piece of yarn.  I belive the colors fit this spunky and adorable toddler perfectly!